BAM Artsfair

Project Benefits

● Boosted walk-by festival attendance by providing activity signage
● Strengthen the festival's presence in the digital realm.
● Elevated festival's image and appeal

Project Objectives:

The festival, a renowned celebration of art and craftsmanship, has been a staple in the Bellevue Community for years. However, the existing promotional and event materials require a fresh and contemporary look to attract a wider audience, enhance the visitor experience, and maintain the festival's relevance in the digital age.

Key Deliverables

Visual Identity Redesign:
A new visual identity that reflects the spirit of the festival while modernizing its image.
A cohesive event logo, color palette, and typography that can be used consistently across all materials.
Print Collateral Redesign:
Eye-catching posters and brochures for promotional purposes.
Visually engaging signage for the event.
Digital Marketing Materials:
Engaging social media graphics and digital ads for online promotion.
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